2018 report for Singapore property

The silver lining is frequently the price where owners often receive a windfall for their unit. The general public tender is going to be called within weeks. The present market play could be influenced through an optimistic market outlook for the subsequent two to three decades. Now is a great time since there are more ECs in the marketplace, so the cost is lower.
If you’re staying in Hougang or Kovan, there’ll be ample selection of new condos for you to pick from in 1 or 2 years time! The Katong cluster isn’t an isolated case. For instance, the en bloc fever might have cooled down, or the market might have moved to another stage of the property cycle.

There’s a great deal of supply coming out. Therefore, it’s tricky to tell the length of time the supply of 21,719 units will last. If demand remains at this level over the subsequent few decades, there might be a shortfall in supply. But present demand is quite high. The rise in the density of homes will certainly lead to growth in traffic.
For Laguna Park, it is going to be the third collective sale endeavor. They will need to keep in mind, but the renovation expenses and greater cash outlay needed for the down payment, in light of the lower loan-to-value limit introduced from July 6.