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Recommended Books

In the national English language curriculum (EL Syllabus 2010), which was implemented in 2010 at Primary 1 and 2, our primary schools no longer use prescribed textbooks. Instead they are issued with ministry-produced materials, including children's books and texts written for children for use during shared and supported reading in class and, hence, not recommended for use at  home.

To supplement the curriculum, schools can create their own materials or adopt the additional materials approved by MOE. These are listed under 'Optional Enrichment Material' of the
Approved Textbook List (ATL).   

Supplementary Resources


STELLAR Handwriting Books 1 to 3

About Grammar (Basic)

ISBN 978-981-06-2656-3


About Grammar (Intermediate)

ISBN 978-981-06-2969-4

Grammar Adventure (for upper primary pupils)

ISBN 978-981-06-1173-6

Pupil Book and Pupil Workbooks

(available for Primary 3, 4 and 5)


These are available through school bookshops and major bookstores.


Books For Children

The National Library Board (NLB) and MOE have jointly produced a booklet to guide parents in choosing suitable books for their children.




Starting Right: Reading and Learning with Young Children

(ISBN 978-981-06-1557-4)

by Ng Seok Moi