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For Parents


Dear Parents,


Your child will be taught how to listen to, speak, read and write English through a variety of activities and lessons in a STELLAR classroom.  STELLAR is a programme for helping Singapore children improve their language and learning through high interest materials and activities.  You can help your child's progress and become involved in his/her learning by following the suggestions provided below.  Many of these suggestions are everyday activities for you or other members of your family to share with your child. These activities can help prepare your child for Primary 1 and also support his/her learning in the lower primary grades.  Remember to keep the sessions short but regular (every day if possible), encourage your child's attempts and do not dwell on your child's mistakes. You will be amazed at how much your child will progress.  



Talk to your child and really listen to what he/she has to say.


Read with your child every day.


Write with your child every day.


Play language games with your child.


Remember, whichever activities you choose, have fun with your child every day!


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